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    1. The country's first HDT efficient solar cell project officially put into operation

      Yesterday morning, HDT efficient solar cell project in Jinjiang Economic Development Zone was completed and put into production ceremony. Quanzhou, Jinjiang City leadership Kang Tao, Zhang Yongning, Cai Sihong, Li Jieping, Chen Jinyong attended the ceremony.

      It is understood that the project by the Fujian Jinshi Energy Co., Ltd. and Jinbao Li (Quanzhou) Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. to build cooperation. The so-called HDT solar cell refers to the double-sided light receiving a highly efficient single crystal heterojunction solar cells, which is characterized by positive and negative sides of the battery can accept light, in order to enhance the battery unit area photoelectric conversion efficiency and total power generation The The project plans a total investment of 2 billion yuan, the construction of six 100 MW high efficiency heterojunction HDT solar cell production line. Since the beginning of construction in March this year, has completed the plant construction, clean decoration, equipment processing, admission installation and commissioning work, has now achieved mass production. After the project is fully delivered, solar cell conversion efficiency can reach 22%, PV module power up to 320 watts.

      "Power generation than traditional crystalline silicon battery components 10% higher power generation, photovoltaic power plant investment income higher," "products by the German TUV and the National Photovoltaic Testing Center and other related certification," cost and market price in the international market has a strong competition Force "... ... in the former State Council Counselor, China Renewable Energy Society Shi Dinghuan view, the birth of the production line is very significant, it is China's first independent intellectual property rights with high efficiency single crystal heterogeneous battery production line, marking the Chinese by Solar energy manufacturing power to the country has taken an important step, "I hope Quanzhou have more enterprises in this industry to set an example, and strive to become a new energy application of the civilized city. "

      In recent years, photovoltaic power generation is not uncommon, to improve the efficiency of solar cell conversion is the PV industry continues to pursue one of the goals. It is understood that HDT efficient heterojunction solar cell technology as the "thirteen" efficient solar cell technology focus on the direction of development, much attention by the photovoltaic industry. Jinshi energy HDT efficient battery project opened our country to break the monopoly of foreign technology, leading the development of photovoltaic technology a new era.

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