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    1. A Group of Key Projects are Starting or Completed in Quanzhou, Including Industrial and Infrastructural Projects

      On the 19th of this month, a group of key projects are starting or completed in Quanzhou, including industrial and infrastructural projects, adding momentum to our plan to build “Better Quanzhou in Five Aspect”.

      Industrial projects are powerful engines that drive economic development.  China’s first independently developed HDT high efficiency solar cell production line was built in Jinjiang Economic Development zone and commenced mass production.  This is the first high efficiency monocrystalline hetero-junction solar cell production line in China with independently developed and owned intellectual property rights.  Mass produced HDT solar cells have a conversion efficiency of 22% and HDT PV module has power output of 320W, among the highest in the world. Focusing on creative artsHuian Fujian and TaiwanCultural Creative Park and Silk Road on the Sea Movie Town projects built a studio covers10,000 square meters, including 13 projects such as themed studios concerning with Hong Kong & Macau, Taiwan, seaport, Huian Ancient Town, and others, and cartoon production base. Upon completion of these projects, Quanzhou will host an active group of businesses engaged in movies & TV production, becoming a cultural showcase for Silk Road on the Sea, and a new tourist attraction.

      In recent years, photovoltaic power generation has become commonplace.  Increasing the conversion efficiency of solar cell has become one of the Holy Grails of the PV industry. Today, China’s first independently developed HDT high efficiency solar cell production line was completed and commenced mass production in Jinjiang, built by Gold Stone (Fujian) Energy Company Ltd. and led by its CTO, Dr. Wang ShulinIt takes its R&D team 5 years to develop this technology and obtain all the key intellectual properties, breaking the technological monopoly of foreign companies, and leading the Chinese PV industry into a new era.

      It was reported that this project is jointly invested by GS Electric (Hong Kong) Company Ltd. and Jin Bao Li (Quanzhou) Packaging Technology Company Ltd. HDTsolar cell means high efficiency hetero-junction double-sided solar cell, featured by double-sided light receiving and therefore increase the photoelectric conversion efficiency on unit area and total power generation.  Total investment for this project is 2 billion RMB, planning to build six 100 MW HDT solar cell production lines.  Construction started in March of this year, and has accomplishing the construction of plant, construction of clean room, manufacturing of equipments, and installation and debugging of production equipments by now, realizing the mass production of HDT solar cells. Once the production line reaches its peak capacity, it will produce solar cells with conversion rate of 22%, and solar modulesmade of these solar cells can reach a power output of 320W.

       “Power output of HDT PV modules is 10% higher than traditional crystalline siliconPV modules.  Using HDT PV modules to install solar power stations will provide investors with higher return on investment”.  “HDT PV modules have received TUV certification from Germany, CPVT certification in China and other relevant certifications.”  “HDT solar modules are highly competitive in its production cost and its sales price in the global market.”  Mr. Shi Dinghuan, former Counselor of State Council, Chairman of Chinese Renewable Energy Society, believes that the completion of this production is of great significance.  It is China’s first independently developed high efficiency monocrystalline hetero-junction solar cell production line with independently owned intellectual property rights, representing a major step forward for China’s journey from a major PV manufacturer to a PV leader.”  “We hope that more companies in Quanzhou can set new examples in the solar energy industry, turning Quanzhou into a city with innovative use of renewable energy.”

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