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    1. Company Culture

      Company Culture

      Corporate culture is the soul of an enterprise and an inexhaustible driving force for the development of an enterprise.


      Integration capability
      Integration of resources
      effectively leveraged global R&D resources in materials
      Practical practice
      Result oriented
      Technology as the core, advocating hard work, to provide customers with the best quality products and services
      Teamwork spirit
      World Class
      From the United States, Japan, Taiwan and other regions of the outstanding talent
      Dedication and loyalty
      Better future
      Focus on photovoltaic business, work well with professionalism, and treat customers with sincerity

      Our Vision

      Become the global leader in advanced photovoltaic technology

      Our Mission

      Make solar energy the cheapest clean energy

      Our Corporate values

      Precedence, Practice, Collaboration, Dedication


      Our Business Philosophy

      Be loyal to the market, go beyond customer expectations

      Be devoted and dedicated, aspire win-win among society, company and employee

      Our Management Policy

      Customer orientation  Technology guidance 

      Comprehensive management  Keep improving


      The Future Will Continue

      The Future Will Continue

      Based on our in-depth understanding of the photovoltaic industry, GS-Solar has effectively leveraged global R&D resources in materials, processes, equipment, system integration, etc., and has built a global supply chain and collaborative R&D system, which has enabled us to achieve a great deal of success in the face of severe competition, and even greater success in the future.  

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